This past academic year, I taught the following courses at StFX. (Please feel free to email for the syllabi.)

PHIL100: Introductory Philosophy
PHIL342: Logic
PHIL361: Early Medieval Philosophy

Here are some highlights of my teaching at the University of Toronto:

– In 2018-2019, I was the instructor for three courses:

PHL210: 17th-and 18th-Century Philosophy
PHL341: Freedom, Responsibility, and Human Action
PHL307: Augustine

– In Summer 2016, I taught PHL100: Introduction to Philosophy

– I was also a teaching assistant for the following courses:

PHL275: Introduction to Ethics
PHL245: Modern Symbolic Logic
PHL210: 17th-and 18th-Century Philosophy
PHL205: Early Medieval Philosophy
PHL206: Later Medieval Philosophy
PHL100: Introduction to Philosophy